Hire professional administrative staff at a fraction of the cost.

Starting at $99/month for teams of less than 10 employees.

Why use team management services?

Management challenges are typically rooted in only a few common concerns.
Experiencing any of the following means your staff members are already struggling:

Too Much On Your Plate

Inefficient apps hamper information exchange, leading to impaired performance. Not having a platform for individual voices can lower morale. Swift, clear, and equal communication is vital in healthcare environments.

Unable to Afford Staff Managers

Smaller businesses see staff performing multiple functions, causing confusion and role overlap. Larger organizations can have too many people struggling to stay in sync. Ultimately, team members getting in each other’s way and projects stall.

Poor Onboarding or Training

Managers face long hours and substantial financial outlays in verifying the skills and qualifications of new hires. A lack of effective modules and courses leaves facilities with overworked managers handling unprepared teams.

Our professional team can take over your daily tasks & team coordination.

Design Workflows

  • Flow Team member is a super user of the system and can help you customize various workflows
  • Make onboarding, credentialing, and reappointments a breeze

Maintain Quality

  • Create auto-assign rules and workflows for courses
  • Assign courses to employees
  • Send out reminders
  • Create monthly reports

Run Background &
Reference Checks

  • We help ensure background checks are done on a timely manner
  • Help get answers for alerts about background checks

Team Support

  • Send out reminders to team members about tasks and deliverables
  • Help provide technical and operational support to your team

Autofill Documents & Forms

  • Our team can help you create document templates that will auto-fill the fields from your employee’s profile
  • Send out employee survey and other forms

Team Engagement &
Task Management

  • We help create task lists and auto-assign various tasks based on position or hiring
  • Send out reminders for tasks that are delayed