Onboard in hours. Not days. Not weeks.

Get your team working sooner and happier.

Keep great people on board with great onboarding.

Customize Workflows

Onboard your team in hours, not days. With Flow, you can run background checks, obtain references, and create customized onboarding templates and forms – all in one place.

Automate Training

Take the work out of training your team. Create custom courses and quizzes and auto-assign them to new and existing team members. Run reports to track where your team is at with completing the courses. You can even share courses with other companies on Flow.

Reference Checks

Submit requests for references easily with our automated system. References and contact information are auto-filled, meaning your team no longer has to fill out the same information over and over again.

"We would've never thought it was possible to onboard a new team member in 2.5 hours. Flow proved us wrong!"​


Tailor the new hire experience with customizable templates.

Not all companies or positions are equal. Flow makes it easy for your managers to create positions and onboarding workflows that work for organizations. The way you hire a sales position can be very different than the way you hire a doctor or office manager.

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Perform background checks.

Perform background checks at multiple levels for many different positions—including healthcare-level background checks. Our smart dashboard lets you see at a glance what’s done and what’s up next.

References without the email chains.

We’re sick of email, too. Send and receive requests for references from within the app, and skip the endless messages back and forth. Automated lists ensure you know what’s been received and what’s left to check off.

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Take back your time with Flow.

Don't just take our word for it.

Flow is helping businesses of all sizes automate and streamline repetitive tasks so they can focus on what matters. Read more about how we've helped our customers succeed in our use case library.

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Keep your team’s training up to date with automated workflows and alerts.​


Save your managers time, money, and headaches with customizable workflows.​


Improving productivity starts with supporting the people that make your business great.​